The Conversation Hub®

The award-winning Conversation Hub® supports your journey to Conversation Quality. Snap-on conversation behaviors guide the frontline in color enabling them to hold rich customer conversations.

The Conversation Hub automatically provides game-changing visibility into customer conversations for the rest of the team. Coaches, team leads, operational managers and executives can now see each conversation and collaborate to improve them.

The Conversation Hub
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Econiq has guided and observed hundreds of millions of conversations in contact centers and branches. Evidence from these conversations shows that the ability to hold a naturally flowing conversation in this environment is determined by a combination of winning conversation behaviors which are exhibited by the top performers.

Econiq has developed an approach that quickly models those winning conversation behaviors and applies them across any organization. We make it easy for anyone to hold a consistent high-quality conversation with a customer.

Combining its experienced Conversation Behavior Consultancy with its award-winning solution The Conversation Hub®, Econiq works closely with its clients to achieve conversation excellence by ensuring consistent high-quality conversations with customers.

Every conversation is made visible and available to frontline support teams, operational managers and executives making it easy to move the middle and deliver sustainable value fast and systematically.

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“Econiq and Genesys together delivering great customer experience through guided conversations.”

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