The Conversation Hub®

The award-winning Conversation Hub® supports your journey to Conversation Quality. Snap-on conversation behaviors guide the frontline in color enabling them to hold rich customer conversations.

The Conversation Hub automatically provides game-changing visibility into customer conversations for the rest of the team. Coaches, team leads, operational managers and executives can now see each conversation and collaborate to improve them.

The Conversation Hub

The Color Conversation Guide

The Conversation Hub snaps on fast to any desktop environment and any systems used during a customer conversation.

The Hub derives conversation context from the information on the desktop and how the agent interacts with it. It can also import and interpret digital journeys, audio, propensity models, campaigns and CRM information for guiding the most effective conversation.

Using its simple color-coded guide, The Conversation Hub can automate manual tasks and compliance adherence while at the same time consistently spotting opportunities within the conversation and building a stronger relationship with the customer, so that all agents behave like the top performers naturally do.

Conversations are easily crafted and maintained by business users through The Conversation Hub’s Crafter. This allows the conversation to be changed quickly without any demand on your IT resources.

Conversation Intelligence Pictures

The Conversation Hub® automatically tracks every conversation and creates a unique visualization of a customer conversation called a Conversation Intelligence Picture.

Conversation Intelligence Pictures capture the behaviors exhibited and their impact during each conversation. A digital time stamped audit trail. Unlike audio they derive conversation context from what is actually happening on the desktop including the snap-on conversation behaviors from The Conversation Hub.

Simple but powerful color-coded emoticons are used to represent conversation behaviors. This makes it easy for anyone to see and analyse what is happening in each conversation.

Hub Central for the Support Team

Hub Central is the command console in The Conversation Hub for the support team i.e. coaches, team leads and operational managers.

Driven by the Conversation Intelligence Pictures from every conversation it comes complete with coaching module, live view of conversations, conversation KPI dashboards and conversation behavior analysis and is an essential complement to the Frontline’s Conversation Hub.

Sentient for the Executive

Executive participation is essential in achieving conversation excellence. The Sentient provides a real-time health-check and confidence that conversations with customers are being held to a consistent high level of quality.

The Sentient is always available at a glance.

HUBMeets for the Organization

HUBMeets is the continuous learning element of The Conversation Hub. It facilitates collaborations of all the key roles necessary to achieve conversation excellence.

Using the rich conversation behavior intelligence as input, HUBMeets reviews conversation behaviors exhibited across the roles of the organisation to ensure that they drive financial value and captures agreed enhancements to the customer conversation.