Conversation Behaviors

Positive conversation behaviors are the key to delivering a truly great customer experience.

Frontline Conversation Behaviors

Top performers exhibit the following conversation behaviors

  • Make time for customer in the conversation despite the distractions on the desktop
  • Protect the customer and the brand throughout the conversation
  • Discover customer needs and spot opportunities during the conversation
  • Build a strong relationship with the customer which ultimately defines the customer experience
Frontline Support Team Conversation Behaviors

The conversation does not stop at the frontline

  • Team Leads, Managers and Coaches: Observe, support and encourage positive conversation behaviors
  • Regional / Operational Management: Review, inspect and reward excellent conversation behaviors
Executive Conversation Behaviors

Executive visibility and participation is essential

  • See and understand the value of conversation behavior
  • Enhance the customer conversation over time
  • Communicate and translate their customer experience vision effectively to their team
Organization Behavior Driving Conversation Quality

Cultural change across the organization

  • Sharing the conversation
  • Collaboration to improve the conversation
  • Continuous learning from the conversation
  • Delivering sustainable value from the conversation